Nectar Collector Tips and Tricks

Thank you for purchasing a Nectar Collector,
the next step in the evolution of vertical vaporization!

We hope you find this vertical vaporizer as useful and convenient as we do.
To help get you started here are a few tips and tricks that we feel will contribute to your experience; making it the best it can possibly be:

Tips and Tricks

To avoid accidental separation of your tip or mouthpiece from the Nectar Collector body, check for a snug fit BEFORE EVERY USE!

Use Joint Wax on ground joints and tips to keep them stuck together when you want and easy to pull apart when you’re done.

Apply a thin coating of joint wax to the male joint. Gently heat the joint wax using your torch until it just starts to melt. Immediately insert into the female joint and twist back and forth until both surfaces are evenly covered and the joints are set in place. To take apart simply twist and wiggle the joints apart.

DO NOT OVERHEAT THE TIP! If it’s glowing red, it’s too hot. Excessive heating of the tip can lead to cracking of the tip or joint or WORSE.

Fill your water cooled Nectar Collector with the tip removed. Water trapped in the tip can lead to cracking of the tip or joint or WORSE.

Fill SLOWLY with water. Filling too quickly will cause a siphon effect which will cause the water to just flow through the piece.

Fill with water about half way up the inside diffuser for optimal percolation.

If you are having issues filling your Nectar Collector with water; to try to fill it from the tip joint rather than the mouthpiece. With some pieces it seems to work better that way.

To clear water from the spill proof Nectar Collectors with fixed mouthpieces, remove the tip and blow down through the mouthpiece.

To extend the life of your Nectar Collector glass tips, first heat the tip gently by moving the flame in a brushing motion across the tip until it has a faint red glow.

It is important to hold the Nectar Collector horizontally while heating to avoid leaks from any residue that may be inside the tip.

To heat the tip quickly and conserve your butane, try heating the tip with the top of the blue flame where it meets the yellow flame.

Just because a tip is cracked doesn’t mean it’s broken. Cracks are natural when glass gets heated and cooled over and over.

To get the most out of your stash and make it last, draw air through the mouthpiece before putting the heated tip to your nectar.

As we like to say, “Just heat the tip, dip and sip”.

If your titanium tip becomes clogged and does not fit over your Just the Tip stand, heat the post of the stand with your torch and try again.



What is this Joint Wax stuff for?

All Nectar Collectors with removable tips are sold with a tube of Joint Wax. When used properly we believe this is the best way to keep your Nectar Collector stuck together when you want and easy to take apart when you’re done. To apply the Joint Wax, rub a thin coat on the male joint and gently warm the wax with a lighter, torch or body heat from your fingers until it is soft. Plug the male joint into the female joint with a firm twisting motion until the two parts are fully seated and locked in place. Re-seat the tip while it is still warm after every use to be sure that the Joint Wax keeps everything locked in place. WARNING: Excessive heating of the tip will cause the Joint Wax to lose its grip. Let the tip cool down enough to let you re-seat it periodically during prolonged sessions. If you are a heavy hitter or sharing the nectar with a group you might want to get a keck clip (from your local head shop) or use some wire or a paper clip to lock your tip in place. You got this McGuyver ...

How do I get the Water In? How do I get the Water Out?

All the water cooled Nectar Collectors are filled from the top. Fill with water about ½ way up the inside diffuser for optimal percolation. To get the water out, disassemble and pour it out (mini, v1.0, v2.0) or remove the tip and blow down through the mouthpiece (all other models). WARNING: Fill your water cooled Nectar Collector with the tip removed and make sure there is no water in the lower female joint before using. Water trapped in the tip can lead to cracking of the tip or joint or WORSE. Water will cause a hot glass tip to crack instantly. It is also possible for water dripping into a hot tip to vaporize violently enough to shatter the lower body of your Nectar Collector. No Bueno ...

Heating The Tip

How do I work this thing?

Using the Nectar Collector is very simple. As we like to say, “Just heat the tip, dip and sip” but beware, overheat the tip or botch the dip and you might find yourself in a sticky situation.

Tips for your Tip

Once again, be sure there is no water trapped in the tip or in the bottom joint of the Nectar Collector. If water drips into a hot tip it can vaporize and shatter the lower body of your piece.

To properly heat the tip, use a brushing motion with your torch flame and heat the very end of the tip only. After a few seconds hold the torch steady so that the edge of where the blue part of the flame meets the yellow part of the flame is focused on just the end of the tip. Gently roll the Nectar Collector back and forth to get an even heat on the end of the tip.

Once the end of the tip has a faint orange glow stop heating and wait ... about 5 seconds. If the tip is glowing red you will be burning, not vaporizing your essential oil.

WARNING: DO NOT OVERHEAT THE TIP. Overheating can lead to cracking of the joint that connects the tip to the Nectar Collector. Most essential oils vaporize between 600 and 900 degrees F. If your tip is glowing red hot, it is TOO HOT.

Taking The Perfect Hit

What is the Dip and Sip?

For best results approach the edge of your essential oil carefully with the hot tip. Going for the center of the pile will cause it to melt and puddle, which could result in your sucking some of your valued resource up into the Nectar Collector without it vaporizing. In addition it will leave your remaining stash tasting less than optimal.

For the Perfect Hit

Begin drawing in air through the mouthpiece before touching the hot tip to the nectar. Lightly touch the edge of your stash and immediately pull away while continuing to inhale. If you want a bigger hit go back right away for another dip and another and another… WARNING: For those of you with more oil than brains … DO NOT SUBMERGE YOUR HOT TIP INTO YOUR STASH JAR AND ATTEMPT TO TAKE THE MOTHER OF ALL RIPS. The oil could vaporize violently enough to cause the body of your Nectar Collector to shatter.


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