Thank you for purchasing a Nectar Collector,
the next step in the evolution of vertical dab gear!

We hope you find this vertical vaporizer as useful and convenient as we do.
To help get you started here are a few tips and tricks that we feel will contribute to your experience; making it the best it can possibly be:

Frequently Asked Questions

The number that is etched into the piece is the number of that piece. For example, if you have an Nectar Collector Mini numbered #1420, you have the 1420th Nectar Collector Mini made. The signature is where Kristian Merwin signs the piece.

Some coils thread into the atomizer counter clockwise so that when threading the atomizer to the mouthpiece attachment, it does not unscrew itself. Be sure to check the threading direction when attaching the coil.

The first step in opening a Wholesale Account with us is to apply through our easy online application located here. We are only offering Wholesale pricing to businesses with a brick & mortar storefront at this time.

Allow the piece to sit in hot water for a few minutes. This loosens the residue in the joint and should allow an easier release.

Why Should You Season Your Tip?

  • It makes the material stronger & clearer.
  • It will close the pours making the tip very smooth & easy to clean.
  • It makes the tip cleaner by removing any chemical residue.
  • It will insure a longer life for the tip.
  • After seasoning, your tip becomes a proper catalyst for vaporization. Your concentrate’s will taste much better!

How To Season Your Tip

  1. Use tongs to hold the tip.
  2. Heat the tip for 2 min.
  3. Carefully drop the hot tip in ice water.
  4. Remove the tip, dry thoroughly, & enjoy!

NOTE: Your titanium tip will become red & blue in color after seasoning.

Be careful with solvents! We have notice issues with Simple Green. Do not use metal cleaning tools, including steel wool, near the decals.

Once your order has been completed and is ready to ship, you will receive an email notification which will include your tracking number. If you do not see it come through to your inbox, please check your spam folder as it may be redirected there.

When proper nectar collecting technique is used: yes (see above). The heat of the tip is well below the flash point of the silicone baking pad material and the time that the hot tip is in contact with the material is not long enough to cause any off-gassing of the pad. Remember it’s dip and sip not hold and suck …

  • To avoid accidental separation of your tip or mouthpiece from the Nectar Collector body, check for a snug fit BEFORE EVERY USE!
  • DO NOT OVERHEAT THE TIP! If it’s glowing red, it’s too hot. Excessive heating of the tip can lead to cracking of the tip or joint or WORSE.
  • Fill your water cooled Nectar Collector with the tip removed. Water trapped in the tip can lead to cracking of the tip or joint or WORSE.
  • Fill SLOWLY with water. Filling too quickly will cause a siphon effect which will cause the water to just flow through the piece.
  • Fill with water about half way up the inside diffuser for optimal percolation.
  • If you are having issues filling your Nectar Collector with water; to try to fill it from the tip joint rather than the mouthpiece. With some pieces it seems to work better that way.
  • To clear water from the spill proof Nectar Collectors with fixed mouthpieces, remove the tip and blow down through the mouthpiece.
  • To extend the life of your Nectar Collector glass tips, first heat the tip gently by moving the flame in a brushing motion across the tip until it has a faint red glow.
  • It is important to hold the Nectar Collector horizontally while heating to avoid leaks from any residue that may be inside the tip.
  • To heat the tip quickly and conserve your butane, try heating the tip with the top of the blue flame where it meets the yellow flame.
  • Just because a tip is cracked doesn’t mean it’s broken. Cracks are natural when glass gets heated and cooled over and over.
  • To get the most out of your stash and make it last, draw air through the mouthpiece before putting the heated tip to your nectar.

If you have an old school 14mm ground joint use Joint Wax on ground joints and tips to keep them stuck together when you want and easy to pull apart when you’re done. Apply a thin coating of joint wax to the male joint. Gently heat the joint wax using your torch until it just starts to melt. Immediately insert into the female joint and twist back and forth until both surfaces are evenly covered and the joints are set in place. To take apart simply twist and wiggle the joints apart.