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    Classic Honeycomb paired with Infinity Tech NC Doubler.

    Our classic Honeycomb plus the Infinity Tech NC Doubler! Add the stinger tip and you have two great pieces that dab great together! Handmade in USA. Patented.
    The Nectar Collector Honeycomb & NC Doubler Kit includes:
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    American Made Specially Designed Colored Nectar Collector Honey Straw.

    The best dab straw on the market got a paint job! The Nectar Collector Honey Straw now comes in 14 awesome colors. Handmade in USA. Patented. * These Honey Straws are borosilicate and there is no warranty. Treat the tip gently with the flame, it is prone to cracking with aggressive heating. *
  • Simple and easy to use dry straw. It's fierce!

    The Nectar Collector Honey Badger 6" Quartz is perfect as an introduction to the Nectar Collector product line or as a portable accessory to your oil vaporizing equipment. Handmade in USA.
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    To Puff or To Dab,

    No longer a question.

    The Nectar Chillector lets you enjoy concentrates and flowers with one piece. We think it is the most versatile affordable portable smoking device ever made. Handmade in USA. Includes Travel Tube Carrying Case.

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