• Perfection takes practice.

    Kristian has been perfecting his wig wags for an upcoming product release. This week’s auction features 2 of the better prototypes. Get these pieces in your hand months before everyone else can. The dual prototypes feature opposing wig wag pattern bands on each and a laser engraved Hive Mind 26mm connector The Infinity Tech Vortex Venturi Diffuser allows for optimal water movement resulting in tasty pulls. The modular quartz Stinger Tip is perfect for keeping your tip fresh. Get your bid in today.  
  • This week’s auction is coming straight from the experimental side of the shop.

    Kristian has been refining his wig wags and working them into Nectar Collectors and this piece is one of the results of those efforts. Nearly as big as a Honeybird Delux, this piece is on the larger size. The glass core is wrapped with a vibrant wig wag pattern and features a colorful matching integrated spillguard. When it comes to water filtration, this piece is the bee's knees with an extra long diffuser that holds more water to deliver cool tasty rips without losing flavor. The threadless Hive Mind connector holds the water in and makes it easy to clean. This piece, or a version of it, will likely be in production in 2022. Be the absolute first to have this Nectar Collector in your hands by getting your bid in now. Get your bid in today.  
  • See the pure brilliance of this wearable Nectar Collector designed by @GherGlass in collaboration with @kristianmerwin.

    The flawless perc pendant allows you to keep your rig close and make a fire fashion statement. Featuring our own slide mouthpiece, Blue Bling does not have any external clasps. Put this pendant on any necklace or cord and you are ready to show off your signature style. Combined with a Hive Mind connector and yet to be released extra long Vortex diffuser, The Blue Bling Perc Pendant, delivers big rips and will truly be the belle of the ball. Get your bid in today.  
  • Nectar Collector Bird of Prey

    Winning Bid: $800.00

    Engage flight mode with the custom Bird of Prey auction piece.

    This light cruiser class ship is built on one of the largest Nectar Collector production pieces ever, the Nectar Collector v3.0. The Bird of Prey features fixed winged horns that keep your travels straight and true. With long lines and overexpressed curves, you will not want to use it’s cloaking tech. This is a piece to show off. The Bird of Prey highlights our new extra long diffuser that allows more water to keep your reactor core cool and deliver tasty hits. The Bird of Prey will beat any Federation piece in your quadrant. Qapla' Get your bid in today.  
  • Just like the Authurian tale, you will have to keep this piece under constant guard as this noble and virtuous lady will be the object of many knight’s eye.

    . This auction piece is the only one truly fit for such a queen. It’s size and beauty is one that can bring any kingdom to its knees. This Kristian Merwin original creation perfectly captures the beauty and grace that only a queen of Guinevere’s stature can bring. Featuring a custom 3 chamber core body built on the Infinity Tech modular platform and the yet to be released long Vortex Venturi diffuser for smooth, cool rips befitting a queen. Storing this piece on a table would be downright ignoble, that’s why Guinevere’s Scepter comes with a royal swivel gear stand to show off your nobility. Get your bid in today.  
  • Nectar Collector Arondight

    Winning Bid: $535.00

    Arondight. Also known as the Light of the Lake. Also known as Lancelot’s Sword is a hero of many battles, quests and tournaments, and the personal champion of Guinevere’s heart.

    Arondight is the only companion fit for King Arthur’s greatest knight. As with the noble knight himself, Arondight was born out of the fairy realm by the sprites at the Nectar Collector studio. Arondight’s large, furnace dipped body and long Vortex Diffuser holds enough water to please the Lady of the Lake. A true knight does not allow leave his sword laying about. So this piece comes with an Infinity Tech Swivel Gear Stand to show your true power to those that lay their eyes upon Arondight. Get your bid in today.  
  • Meet the only navigator you will ever need traveling the universe.

    The Nectar Collector Slimer Custom is a reimagined Kristian Merwin custom creation featuring the interstellar map of a far-off galaxy on the core and green slyme dots to keep you on course to your destination. Slimer features new high-tech components including the yet-to-be-released long Vortex Venturi Diffuser and our new Hive Mind Edition connector ensuring top-flight sessions and a properly pressurized experience. When you’re done with your travels, dock your Slimer on the included 360-degree Nectar Collector Infinity Tech Swivel Gear Stand. Get your bid in today.  
  • Nectar Bomb Rebuild

    Winning Bid: $385.00

    A revived and upgraded Nectar Bomb!

    This soldier came limping back after a short run in the field but we never leave a rig behind so our resident glass doctors made her better! She is mission ready; upgraded with Infinity Tech and includes a new hammer bowl for double duty! Get your bid in today.  
  • One Piece Honeybird Prototype

    Winning Bid: $346.00

    Never Forget Your Roots!

    In keeping with this month’s historical auctions, we present an item that was never really released to the public. This piece is so rare, we never made a name for it. For this auction we are calling it “Prototype”. But you can name it whatever you would like. Kristian first made these little guys back in 2016 in an attempt to make a single piece travel unit. The piece on the left is numbered #001 and is the first he made of these. As an added bonus, we will throw in this guy’s twin sister numbered #420. If you crave uniqueness with your smoke gear, this is the auction for you. Get your bid in today.  
  • Old School Nectar Collector Trio

    Winning Bid: $1,000.00
    A little bit of Nectar Collector history on the auction block. Over the last decade, Nectar Collector has been on the bleeding edge of dab technology. Creating new designs, sizes, and colors has made us the best vertical vaporizer on the market. But we can’t forget where we came from. This auction allows you to own some truly special pieces. On the block this week is 3 special pieces. The first is an old school Honeybird Delux from 2016. Numbered 710 and signed by the artist. With it’s fixed collar and elongated shape, this bad boy still rips. The second piece of this historical auction is the VERY FIRST Micro Nectar Collector. This is the first Micro that @kristianmerwin ever made way back in 2014. It bears number 001 and features Kristian’s initials. And finally, the inaugural Nectar Collector v1.0. This was Kristian’s first production heady piece. Created in 2013, the v1.0 has many descendants in the Nectar Collector family including versions 2.0, 3.0, and our biggest Nectar Collector to date, the v4.0 No scrubs allowed. We would really like to get these special pieces into the hands of a true Nectar Collector aficionado.  
  • Monster Chopped Double 3.0!

    This auction piece is what Aisle of Misfit Toys is all about. Two old school v3.0's merged into one giant rig. The Caterpillar pieces come from the honeycomb section of 2 old school v3.0's but gets all the new Infinity Tech upgrades. New removable mouth piece and tip sections and a monster Venturi perc all connected to a well balanced and beautiful piece. The studio is going to miss this piece for sure. This mutant is an amazing piece of work. Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core, Infinity Tech Swivel Stand  
  • Nectar Collector IT v3.0

    Winning Bid: $662.00

    Updated Nectar Collector Classic

    Until about a year ago the Nectar Collector v3.0 was the flagship of our product line. When we started production in 2014 we didn't have any lathes in the shop so they were built entirely by hand! They also featured a 14mm ground joint for the tip connection and our first generation 14mm titanium tip. Over the years the v3.0 evolved to having a glued threaded tip connector and grew bigger and cleaner as they were assembled on the lathe. With the development and perfection of the Infinity Tech modular system for Nectar Collector it became apparent that the v3.0 was in need of some serious upgrades so we stopped production in anticipation of a new and improved design. The piece on the block today is a step in the evolution of the Nectar Collector v3.0 towards a fully modular dab machine. Stay tuned for future developments, we am very excited about where this piece of Nectar Collector history is headed! Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core, Infinity Tech Gear Stand (Tall)  
  • More Pod Racer Perfection

    Oh man we love these Pod Racers! For us they are little free form explorations of the language of shapes and colors that we have developed over the years that very clearly represent our style and artistic taste. No two are alike but they all share some common features like horns, opal honeycomb body sections, and a base color with honeycomb and accent color scheme. This weeks auction piece is the epitome of what a pod racer is to us! The fact that it began life as a misfit makes it even better. Get your bids in on this one, it's gonna go FAST. Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core, Infinity Tech Gear Stand  
  • Another blast from the past

    On the block this week: a very fine double encalmo window Green Slyme "Turtle". Way back when ... before the Nectar Collector was even the glimmer of a thought we had a product line of pendants that matched the style of the pipes we were making at the time. One of the most popular designs looked like a turtle to many of our customers and the name stuck. The layout of this weeks auction piece is reminiscent of those cute turtle pendants from way back when, and the name still works. Happy bidding and good luck! Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core, Infinity Tech Gear Stand  
  • "I wanna go fast!!" - Ricky Bobby

    On the block this week: a sleek and sexy Cobalt and Agua Azul Pod Racer Nectar Collector featuring very clean double encalmo clear windows and an extra tall Vortex Venturi percolator. What can I say other than this piece is PERFECT! It's well balanced, very symmetrical and just the right size for the best tasting dips, sips and rips you've ever had. I considered keeping this one for myself but ultimately decided to share the love... I will be making more like this one guaranteed. Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core, Infinity Tech Gear Stand  
  • Yummmm!

    We've got a tasty piece on the auction block this week compliments of Nectar Collector production glass master Chelsea (@autumnandaspen on IG). If you own one of the new made in USA Honeybirds or most any other production Nectar Collector we sell chances are Chelsea put it together. Besides being a beast when it comes to production work she is also very creative and this piece is the result of her having some fun exploring some new color combo's and cutting loose from the daily grind. As @xxtrappxx our resident metal worker/flame polishing pro said "this piece looks like it tastes good" ... get your bids in and take a bite! Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core, Infinity Tech Gear Stand (Tall)  
  • What's in a name?

    Ok, I'll take the blame here. I definitely feel a little self conscious about the lack of creativity with some of my Nectar Collector product names. Most are the result of naming conventions started 10 years ago with variations as new designs and parts are added into the mix. The result is often long product names with similar wording, but there is a method to the madness. The names are my attempt at being as descriptive as possible about what the piece is but I'll admit that sometimes it gets out of hand, just take a look at the replacement o-rings in the Infinity Tech section of the website if u want your head to spin. For a slightly less onerous example, take this weeks awesome auction piece. It started with the central honeycomb marble section from a rather small (micro) Nectar Collector v3.0 that was in the broken parts bin. From there I added sections until I was ready to finish it off with the 26mm tubes on the top and bottom that fit the Infinity Tech connectors. So there u go, a sweet little Nectar Collector with a descriptive name, ready for your bids! Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core, Infinity Tech Gear Stand, Vector Drone Torch  
  • Merwin Matrix Reloaded

    Winning Bid: $681.00

    A blast from the past with an eye to the future

    Way back in the late 2000's before the Nectar Collector was even a thought in my head I was infatuated with a particular black and red color combo and tan horns. I made many "heady" flower pipes using this combo. My favorite design from that time was the Matrix series which featured 2 opal honeycomb sections with sets of three Red Jasper dots connected end to end with various horn combinations for adornments. While going through my old parts bins for this latest round of auction pieces I found a couple of opal honeycomb sections from that period that became the foundation for the super sick Nectar Collector that is on the block today. It was very satisfying to take one of my favorite designs from the pre-Nectar Collector days and update it to the easy to use easy to keep clean Infinity Tech format. It really is a perfect Nectar Collector! Plan on seeing more pieces like this one, it's a winner. Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core, Infinity Tech Gear Stand Swivel Style, Vector Drone Torch  
  • Classy color combo for a classic design.

    Here we are back after a little restocking break with this weeks awesome auction! On the block this week we have a fine looking Opal Honeycomb Pro in Black and White. This piece is a little bigger than our current Opal Honeycomb Pro's and began it's life as a perc pendant with a 14mm ground joint for the tip connection and a fixed mouthpiece made by @gherglass way back in 2014. The ground joint cracked post production and it sat for several years waiting for the technology to advance enough for it to be reborn as the piece it is today. Don't forget it's free torch February and with bidding starting at $150 the winner of this auction will also be receiving a free Vector Drone Torch with this piece. Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core, Threadless Single Hole and Vortex Diffusers, Infinity Tech Gear Stand, Vector Drone Torch    
  • Delux Flow in Amethyst and Green Slyme

    On the block this week we have another upgraded Nectar Collector Delux. The original Nectar Collector Delux was a fixed diffuser, 14mm glass joint for the tip rig that we produced for a couple of years beginning in 2014. Last year I chopped the bottom off of a white and green slyme one and converted it to the larger 38mm Infinity Tech Connector and full sized 38mm Vortex Venturi Diffuser. I was pleased with function of that piece but wasn't as happy with the look. This time I chopped the piece at the top of the clear water chamber and built a whole new bottom with a 26mm Infinity Tech Connector and i gotta say, it pops! It looks much more balanced, feels good in the hand and functions very well. i have a feeling we are gonna be seeing more of these sweet pieces in the future but for now get in your bid for this one of a kind beauty. Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core, Threadless Single Hole and Vortex Diffusers, Infinity Tech Gear Stand    
  • Nectar Collector Scepter

    Winning Bid: $371.00

    Highly Modified NC Honeycomb

    On the block this week we have a piece that began life as a Black and Green Slyme Nectar Collector Honeycomb. It was a dry Nectar Collector and not that special and then the mouthpiece got a crack in it and it ended up in the Aisle of Misfit Toys recycle bin. I tried something different with this one and added clear sections to the top and bottom. The end result is a very cool piece with lots of curves and 26mm Infinity Tech connections on both ends. This piece was fun to make and will be even more fun to use. Get your bid in now for this one of a kind Nectar Scepter! Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core, Infinity Tech Gear Stand Tall    
  • One of a kind evolution of design

    Happy 2021 and welcome back to our weekly Aisle of Misfit Toys auction series. On the block today we have a special little piece that offers a window into our design process here at Nectar Collector. While working on perfecting the NEW Micro Delux, our star glassworker Chelsea B (IG @autumnandaspen) dreamed up this design. While the size and function is great with this fixed diffuser Micro Delux, we decided to go with the removable diffuser for production which means that now YOU have a chance to own a little piece of Nectar Collector history with this one off evolutionary design. Nectar Collector Infinity Tech Compatible Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core.    
  • Nectar Collector Kaleidoscope

    We've got a very special piece on the block this week. The Ocularis is a new school kaleidoscope design that we first encountered at the Glass Vegas Show in January 2020. It was instantly apparent that we needed to collaborate with these guys. This piece is the result, a fully functional Nectar Collector that connects as a handle to an amazing fractal multi-dimensional, light bending portal. Bid now on these 2 great stoner toys combined into one spectacular piece. Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 Extra Stinger Tip Core.    
  • Black Light Reactive Beast

    We're back from our Black Friday Sale break and coming in HOT with this weeks Aisle of Misfit Toys Awesome Auction offering. On the block: a Honeybird Pro Delux in Illuminati (now available on our website) and a one of a kind Illuminati Opal Honeycomb Pro that glow under black light!. Use as individual pieces or stack them together for an ultra smooth double bubble dab experience. Includes: 2 Stinger Tip with 2 Stinger Tip Core, extra Illuminati Infinity Tech Mouthpiece with Connector, Threadless Single Hole and Vortex Diffusers for both pieces and Large Infinity Tech Gear Stand.    
  • Wearable functional art

    On the block this week we have another super sweet cobalt and agua azul perc pendant that has been converted from 14mm to Infinity Tech. Not quite as fancy as the one from last week but still baller! Great for home or travel. Wear it on your neck and you'll never misplace your rig!! Includes: 1 Stinger Tip with 1 extra Stinger Tip Core, Threadless Single Hole and Vortex Diffusers and Infinity Tech Gear Stand.    


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