Nectar Collecting

With traditional gear it is easy to either short yourself or waste your goods. The Nectar Collector’s unique patented design allows you to dip and sip perfect every time. Simply heat the tip, dip and sip. From tiny hits to giant rips, the Nectar Collector does it all.

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The Nectar Collector

With fewer parts to manage, total control of dosage, no need to have to aim a tool at a hot nail and ease of use while in a reclined position, our products have been finding widespread acceptance in the medical community. At the other end of the spectrum, we have witnessed pro users line up “concentrate rails” and vaporize more product without burning it in a single hit than it is possible to fit on the end of a stick. (We are talking grams at a time here...)

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  1. I see you have tools to clean my Nectar Collector, but no video or “tips” like how-to-clean, what to use or not use, when and so forth.
    Does anyone at the company have the correct way to keep my Collector clean and perfect?
    Thanks for you time, Steve . . .”” is where to reach me. I’ve purchased 2 different pipes and a stand. Getting ready to get another stand and the cleaning/scraper tool.
    Depends on the answer I get. Thanks again, S.

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