Frequently Asked Questions

To help get you started here are a few tips and tricks that we feel will contribute to your experience; making it the best it can possibly be:

How do I clean my piece/tip?
To clean your piece, first remove your tip and blow all of the water down through the tip joint from the mouthpiece. After this is done, fill the piece with Formula 710, or your preferred cleaner, and allow the piece to soak for at least one hour. PRO TIP: Set the piece vertically in a cup or glass and allow it to soak overnight. Rinse your piece with hot water until the water runs clear. The tip can be completely submerged in the cleaning solution and rinsed the same way.

How do I get the water out?
Remove the tip and blow down as hard as you can through the mouthpiece. The water will then be pushed out through the bottom of the piece (tip joint).

What does the etch and signature mean?
The number that is etched into the piece is the number of that piece. For example, if you have an Nectar Collector Mini numbered #1420, you have the 1420th Nectar Collector Mini made. The signature is where Kristian Merwin signs the piece.

Replacing the coil
Some coils thread into the atomizer counter clockwise so that when threading the atomizer to the mouthpiece attachment, it does not unscrew itself. Be sure to check the threading direction when attaching the coil.

How do I get wholesale pricing?
The first step in opening a Wholesale Account with us is to apply through our easy online application located here.   We are only offering Wholesale pricing to businesses with a brick & mortar storefront at this time.

How do I get my tip unstuck?
Allow the piece to sit in hot water for a few minutes. This loosens the residue in the joint and should allow an easier release.

How do I season my tip?

How to Season Your Quartz & Titanium Tips

Why Should You Season Your Tip?

It makes the material stronger & clearer.

It will close the pours making the tip very smooth & easy to clean.

It makes the tip cleaner by removing any chemical residue.

It will insure a longer life for the tip.

After seasoning, your tip becomes a proper catalyst for vaporization.

Your dab's will taste much better!


How To Season Your Tip

1. Use tongs to hold the tip.

2. Heat the tip for 2 min.

3. Carefully drop the hot tip in ice water.

4. Remove the tip, dry thoroughly, & enjoy!

NOTE: Your titanium tip will become red & blue in color after seasoning.

What is the water bottle for and how to use it?
The Filler Bottle is for filling your piece with water. Especially useful for filling on the go!

What will effect the decal?
Be careful with solvents! We have notice issues with Simple Green. Do not use metal cleaning tools, including steel wool, near the decals.

When do I get my tracking number?
Once your order has been completed and is ready to ship, you will receive an email notification which will include your tracking number. If you do not see it come through to your inbox, please check your spam folder as it may be redirected there.

Do you do returns and/or repairs?

Returns and Repairs

Shit happens… Here at Nectar Collector we have seen it all and fixed most of it. Anything short of your favorite piece in the world laying in 100 pieces on your tile floor is probably repairable. Our rates are reasonable and our turnaround time is fast. Let us know what is broken and we will let you know what we can do. If you need to return your Nectar Collector for any reason please visit our Returns and Repairs portal!

Is it safe to hit off of a silicone dab pad?
When proper nectar collecting technique is used: yes (see above). The heat of the tip is well below the flash point of the silicone baking pad material and the time that the hot tip is in contact with the material is not long enough to cause any off-gassing of the pad. Remember it’s dip and sip not hold and suck ...