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Here at Nectar Collector we are committed to bringing you the best concentrate gear and accessories in the world. As the creators of this genre it is our mission to define the cutting edge of concentrate tools and techniques.

Much love and happy dabbing,

Jefe & Kristian

The Nectar Collector

nc21000_20wThe Nectar Collector

Nectar Collector is proud to introduce the world’s first Vertical Vaporizer!

With features like spill proof in-line water filtration, interchangeable tips and artistic handcrafted styling proudly made in the USA, the Nectar Collector offers unparalleled ease of use and control when using concentrates. With traditional gear it is easy to either short yourself or waste your goods. The Nectar Collector’s unique patented design allows you to dip and sip perfect every time. Simply heat the tip, dip and sip. From tiny hits to giant rips, the Nectar Collector does it all. With less parts to manage, total control of dosage, no need to have to aim a tool at a hot nail and ease of use while in a reclined position, our products have been finding widespread acceptance in the medical community. At the other end of the spectrum, we have witnessed pro users line up “concentrate rails” and vaporize more product without burning it in a single hit than it is possible to fit on the end of a stick. (We are talking grams at a time here...)
Our Origin


The Nectar Collector was conceived in the backwoods of Oregon as a tool to simplify the process of using concentrates in the rugged conditions of mountain life. In its most humble beginnings, the first Nectar Collectors were simple straws; glass pipettes purchased from the chemistry supply shop. In summer 2011, Jefe Z presented the idea of vertical gear to world class glass pipe maker Kristian Merwin and the Honey Badger straw was born. Several months later and after some serious R&D the design for an in-line, water cooled, spill proof vertical unit came to Kristian like a lightning bolt from above,    
“I was sitting at my desk, preparing to work on drawings for an unrelated project when it came to me in a flash. I drew what I had imagined and went into the studio and made one. Within the hour I was taking a hit from the world’s first Nectar Collector. I knew instantly that I had struck gold.” (or perhaps Oil?)
With the addition of water filtration the concept was complete. Concentrates would never be the same again.


Review by High Times - September 2014

The Next Evolution In Dabbing?

Review by: High Times HIGH TIMES sat down with Jeff Zobell and Kristian Merwin, creators of the Nectar Collector, during the US Cannabis Cup in Seattle. Check it out!:
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Review by Stuff Stoners Like - July 2015

Nectar Collector is Stuff Stoners Like

Review by: Mat Lee The good people at Wasatch Glassworks were kind enough to send me a real, hand made Nectar Collector V.1 and all the awesome stuff stoners like to go with it. I’ll tell you right now, the weight of the real Nectar Collector when it’s empty, is more than the cheap knock offs are when they are full. This is some damn fine, thick glass. Between the way it feels, and the official Nectar Collector logo on the piece, and the stand, you’ll never mistake a real one for a fake again.
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