CHAMPS! The veil is lifted!

CHAMPS 2015!

As many of you know the CHAMPS Trade Show was held in Las Vegas earlier this month.  It is a huge 3 day event where the best toys and products the world has to offer are showcased and top glass artists get to strut their stuff in head to head competition. Team Nectar Collector was there watching the competition go up in smoke in more ways than one.

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Kristian Merwin also served as a celebrity judge at the CHAMPS glass games.  Kristian’s studio, Wasatch Glassworks which is the driving force behind the Nectar Collector, had two artists competing in the finals; Emily Marie and Justin Jenicke.  The field consisted of around two dozen finalists who had to qualify through earlier rounds of competition just to get the chance to work the torch.  The glass games allow each entrant 3 days to create a piece.  Judges, the public, and even the artists themselves, are allowed to vote.

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